Saturday, March 12, 2005

Christ Community Church—25 Years

Tomorrow, my church, Christ Community Church, an Associate Reformed Presbyterian congregation in Greensboro, North Carolina, will celebrate its 25th anniversary with a program on the church grounds from 4 to 6 p.m.

In early 1980, John and Carol Kimmons began inviting people to join them for worship in their living room. And many through the years have since come to know Christ through John's ministry. Today, the church has . . . grown to 1,200 members and continues to attract new converts and believers.

In 1989, my girlfriend, who a few years later became my wife, invited me to attend services at Christ Community. At the time, I was a Christian who believed that I didn't need a church. After I heard John preach from the pulpit, I experienced something I had never experienced in a church before—I felt like I belonged. And when they opened up the floor for sharing from the congregation, I felt that the Lord was alive and well in this church and doing incredible things in these people's lives.

John has recently stepped down as Christ Community's senior pastor and is talking on a new role at the church doing what he does best: winning people over for the Lord.

I ask you to keep our church in your prayers as we seek out a new leader and as John moves into evangelism full time as our pastor emeritus.


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