Thursday, March 17, 2005

Curt Schilling

With all the controversy swirling around baseball and alleged steroid use, it is reassuring to this longtime baseball fan to know that there are still people in the game like Curt Schilling. The former Greensboro Hornet and current Boston Red Sox pitcher continues to set a fine Christian example both on and off the baseball diamond. And on this day, a day when . . . Schilling and others are testifying before Congress about steroid use in the major leagues (Curt's clean, by the way), columnist Marvin Olasky gives us an account of this man's Christian testimony (Curt Schilling, pitcher and Christian).

For even more insight into this man's walk, see Olasky's expanded feature on Schilling in this week's World magazine, a national news weekly that reports from a biblical perspective, and of which Olasky is the editor.


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