Monday, March 28, 2005

Jesus in 2005

In an article on the front page of yesterday's Easter edition of the Greensboro News & Record, Nancy H. McLaughlin, the paper's religion writer, asked local people of faith and theologians how they thought Jesus' earthly ministry might look in 2005 ("Picturing Jesus: Would you recognize him on the street? In the boardroom?).

I thought my friend and former Greensboro resident Alex McFarland of Focus on the Family summed it up best when he pointed out . . . that no matter whether we're talking about Jesus walking this earth 2,000 years ago or today, His message would remain the same:

"It is a mistake to assume that just because certain sins have been 'declassified' in our day, that Jesus would 'see things our way' and compromise the Scriptures to accommodate our current modes of behavior," he says. "The Bible isn't something that came about through man's opinions but through God's revelation."

I applaud the News & Record's efforts to actively cover Christianity in our community. So many other media outlets, out of fear of offending nonbelievers, would rather pretend Christians and Christianity do not exist.

However, I was disappointed that in this particular article one local pastor chose to use this forum to convey her own personal political beliefs. At least she stopped short of saying who she thought Jesus would've voted for last fall.


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