Saturday, March 05, 2005

"Joe Cool" McCants

It looks like Rashad McCants will miss his fourth game in a row tomorrow against Dook. (McCants likely out for Duke) I know this is the Roy era and Dean is no longer around, but I can't imagine Dean EVER allowing a player to sit on the bench in street clothes, wearing gaudy gold earrings and mirror shades like "Joe Cool" McCants did Thursday night during the FSU game. Hmmm . . . it will be interesting to see what he wears tomorrow; maybe a hat with a neon light that screams "Look at me!" The guy loves attention, doesn't he? By the way, don't injured players in street clothes usually . . . sit at the end of the bench, down by the managers? Thursday night, McCants parked himself right up there next to the coaches. Maybe he thought Roy and the guys needed some of his insight, or maybe Roy wanted to keep his eye on him.

For an excellent take on the Rashad Factor, check out my buddy BobLee Swagger's "A Place In The Rafters??", which he wrote just after the last Dook game.

Here's hoping Roy and the boys, with or without McCants, get revenge for the loss at Cameron.


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