Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Judge Birch Scolds President and Congress

In an article on the latest denial by the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta concerning the Terri Schiavo case, the Associated Press reports:

[Judge Stanley F.] Birch [Jr.] went on to scold President Bush and Congress for their attempts to intervene in the judicial process, by saying: "In resolving the Schiavo controversy, it is my judgment that, despite sincere and altruistic motivation, the legislative and executive branches of our government have acted in a manner demonstrably at odds with our Founding Fathers' blueprint for the governance of a free people - our Constitution."

Am I to assume that Judge Birch believes . . . that according to the Constitution, the other two duly elected branches of our federal government are not allowed to offer any checks or balances on the judiciary?


At Wednesday, March 30, 2005 11:56:00 PM, Blogger said...

I agree Mickey. From these statements, it is evident that the high court is suggesting that the other legislative branch of government to back off. Yes democracy implies that the 3 branches must be independent from each other. Of course it is obvious that to control one section from abusing power, all three must serve as a balancing force to protect the welfare of the state and people. In this case, the 2 other branches has right to intervene if it feels that the judiciary branch has failed to create the right decision.

At Wednesday, March 30, 2005 11:57:00 PM, Blogger said...

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