Saturday, March 26, 2005

The "Old" Media and Television

I just caught up to Brent Bozell's column from earlier this week on the "old" media's treatment of religion and the religious, where he notes that "They have the arrogance to form God in their own image."

Bozell goes on to write: . . .

The Old Media should launch their own organized religion called the Secular Orthodox Church. Their reporting carries with it an arrogant insistence that all wisdom comes from saying that God has to be compartmentalized into Someone we only consult at meals or at bedtime – under our breath, of course, lest anyone be offended. The dogma of their orthodoxy insists God should not be allowed to have any influence in our legislatures, in our schools, in our music and movies, or in our voluntary associations like the Boy Scouts. We have a duty not only to separate church and state, but to separate church from education, church from entertainment, church from everything we share with each other in public.

Yesterday, Bozell's column analyzed polling data from Time magazine's current cover story titled "Has TV Gone Too Far?"

He writes, "So much for Hollywood’s cushiest defense: We only reflect society. Society is now responding, loudly and unambiguously: No, you’re dramatically out of touch."

Brent Bozell and the Media Research Center do an excellent job of holding the media and the entertainment industry accountable, but we must do our part as well. If you're offended by media bias or disgusted and appalled with programming you and your family are watching on television, let the appropriate parties know, "with gentleness and respect." On the other hand, if you find the news media being fair-handed and discover some family-friendly programming on television (miracles do happen), send encouraging words to these people as well.


At Monday, March 28, 2005 7:28:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

TV has gone too far all right, but the problem is us. We, who say we are Christians, protest the obcenity, violence, language, and sexuality on TV but do we really support traditional family oriented programs?

Why is it that whenever family programs compete in the same time slots as those programs with bloody violence and steamy sex, the family programs lose hands down? I think, as Christians, we say the right words but we find doing the right thing much harder. Jesus has called all of us, who call ourselves Christians, to be a holy people - for we are warned that without holiness no man can see God.

If you believe that showing more family oriented programs on TV is going to bring more people into the Kingdom of God, you are sadly mistaken. My suggestion is this: Spend as much time reading the Bible as you do watching TV, reading the newspaper, editorials, and even blogs. You will soon see that the problem is not TV but the human heart. Here, as a Christian, is where you can make the greatest contribution of all - ministering Jesus Christ to one heart at a time.


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