Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Bernhard Langer: Masters Champion and Man of God

Associated Press golf writer Doug Ferguson, in his reporting from Augusta National yesterday, wrote a no-apologies article that simply shares the Christian testimony of pro golfer Bernhard Langer.

In the article, Langer talks about his first Masters win in 1985 and how afterward he unknowingly took the Lord’s name in vain in front of the CBS-TV cameras. The reaction from fans . . . caused him to seriously take stock of his life, and led him to a Bible study with other PGA Tour players. Three months later, Langer turned his life over to Christ, which enabled him to better handle the ups and downs on the golf course. This was never more evident than in 1991 when he missed a short putt that cost the Europeans the Ryder Cup:

"If the Ryder Cup happened to be 10 years earlier, I might have fallen apart. Who knows?" Langer said. "Having a personal relationship with God, knowing there is a bigger picture, knowing there is more to life than golf and success, I could cope with it. And I got over it pretty quick.

"My faith has helped me not in difficult times, but in good times — in all times."

Langer did have an encore performance in front of the CBS cameras when he captured his second green jacket in 1993, on Easter Sunday, no less.

I’m praying that Brother Bernhard has another good week at Augusta this week.

Hat tip goes to Mark Bergin of the excellent World Magazine Blog.

By the way, the News & Record here in Greensboro chose to go with an alternate Doug Ferguson AP story on the Masters in this morning’s paper.


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