Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Hispanics Embracing Islam

In an article by Chad Groening of Agape Press, W.L. Cati, a former Muslim woman who's now a Christian evangelist, explains the appeal of Islam to certain groups of people, especially Hispanics.

Groening writes: . . .

Cati's belief is that Islam is especially attractive to many Latinos who come from a strongly Catholic background -- particularly those who "do their penance, buy their prayer beads, or whatever." Her theory is that "religion attracts religion," and a works-oriented faith, as she assesses Islam to be, will appeal to those who want to "work [their] way into heaven."

"And that's what's so appealing about Islam," Zennah Ministries' founder says. "Islam is a religion that tells you what to do. It tells you that if you pray five times a day, you're going to please Allah -- you're going to get points for heaven." Sadly, she asserts, people in many faith backgrounds prefer the false notion of works righteousness to the truth of salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ.


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