Friday, April 29, 2005

Laura Ingraham Update III

I heard the first half-hour of Laura's radio show this morning when she called in and participated in the program. She sounded great. Copied below is the latest update from her Web site: . . .

LAURA UPDATE, DAY 4: Great news yesterday from the pathology report that was done on Laura's tumor and lymph nodes after her breast cancer surgery on Tuesday. Her lymph nodes were NEGATIVE, her HER-2 test was negative (a good thing), and her tumor was estrogen/hormone receptive (good thing). The tumor was 9 millimeters in diameter. The one bummer is that she needs to go back for another surgery next week because the dye they used showed some cancer cells remaining "outside the margin" of the tissue Dr. Katherine Alley excised during the first surgery. So, Dr. Alley will go back in and "clean the margins" a few more millimeters around the original tumor and that should be that. Laura is meeting soon with her oncologist Dr. Fred Smith to begin mapping out her post-op cancer treatment (radiation schedule, etc.). "Chemo could really cramp my style so I am hoping that is not necessary!" Laura laughed. "That could really mess up my highlights! Although, then again, it could save me money on salon waxing bills." "Botton-line," said Laura, "I am feeling better every day--your calls, emails, best wishes, and more than anything your prayers have made all the difference in keeping my spirits up. You remind me every day that I am too blessed and have too much to say and do to check out any time soon!"

Laura's site also links to Michelle Malkin's post from Wednesday that discusses Elizabeth Edwards' support and prayers for Laura amidst venom-spewing hatred for our favorite talk-show host from posters on the Democratic Underground site. It appears that some of the more-hateful posts have been deleted from the discussion thread. However, there's still plenty of trashing and bashing of Laura for you to read, courtesy of those compassionate and loving people from the Left. There are even a few posters who say they can't even bring themselves to pray for Laura. How sad.

Jumping in and posting to the DU forum was a classy thing for Mrs. Edwards to do. When she was diagnosed with breast cancer last fall, I don't recall Conservatives attacking her like this. In fact, I know of many people who voted against her husband's ticket who prayed for her and her recovery.

In addition to praying for people like Laura Ingraham and Elizabeth Edwards, we need to pray for our country and for hearts to soften and change before it's too late.


At Thursday, May 19, 2005 1:58:00 PM, Blogger Vicki said...

Although I was sorry to hear about LI's breast cancer, it does nothing to dissuade my opinion that she is a vile woman. Women like Malkin, Coulter, Ingraham, Conway spew invective and make the Republican Party look like a bunch of nutjobs.


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