Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Should Churches Grow Smaller?

An article in today's Chicago Tribune (free registration required) talks about the selection of former Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger as Pope Benedict XVI, and how he has been known for his uncompromising stances on doctrine and moral issues, stances that some say will . . . drive people away from the church. The article counters that claim by stating, ". . . Rev. Robert Silva, president of the Chicago-based National Federation of Priests' Councils, noted that as a cardinal Ratzinger said the church may have to become smaller in order to keep the true believers."

In response to this article, Ed Veith, in a post on the World Magazine blog, asks an interesting question of Protestants: "Might evangelicals, with our megachurch mentality and inflated membership rolls of nominal believers, also need to consider that strategy?" The discussion over at WorldMagBlog has been quite lively all day today. What are your thoughts?


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