Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Universal Entertainment Ratings

Radio host and film critic Michael Medved has an interesting op-ed piece in today's USA Today on how all entertainment—movies, broadcast and cable TV, video games and music—should be similarly rated so that parents can make better choices, without having to call for out-and-out censorship.

Medved recommends that . . . one easy-to-understand system should be adopted, suggesting that it ought be the current, familiar movie ratings system. However, he asks for one revision, that PG-13 be changed to R-13.

Medved writes:

The PG-13 category needs rethinking and relabeling, since the typical PG-13 release now contains enough sexual content and rough language to have earned an R-rating 10 years ago. It's also problematic that many moviegoers, including 6-year-olds, can buy tickets to PG-13 fare without challenge.


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