Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Christian vs. Republican

In recent years, Christian conservatives have firmly aligned themselves in large numbers with the Republican Party. As a former registered Democrat, I know I have. But is that necessarily a good thing? At the evangelical outpost, Joe Carter, a Christian out of the Reformed camp like myself, takes a hard look at . . . party loyalties and how those loyalties can sometimes get in the way of being true to your Christian beliefs. "When speaking on political issues, many prominent evangelical leaders are sounding more like Rush Limbaugh than Francis Schaeffer," Carter writes. "Too often there appears to be little Biblical warrant for the positions that are taken."

He concludes:

I share a common cause with the GOP on most moral issues (i.e., abortion, same-sex marriage), on several foreign policy matters (e.g., the war on terrorism), and on some economic matters (welfare reform, for example). But because my neocalvinist views on policy are rooted in the Bible and Reformed theology, they will often differ, sometimes profoundly, from the standard party line. As a fellow traveler of the GOP, I find myself walking side by side with the party toward the same goals. But at other times our paths will diverge and I must follow where my conscience as a Christian conservative leads me. After all, to stand with Christ means that I can't always stand with the Republican Party.

The comments that follow his post are also an interesting read.

Hat tip to Townhall.com and the Acton Institute PowerBlog.


At Tuesday, May 17, 2005 7:00:00 PM, Blogger unoitso said...

The lack of severe poverty in the US has hurt the Democrats with Christians as much as moral issues. Welfare and Gov programs have lost a lot of clout.

The Repubs' tent makes room for dissent on key issues. For whatever reason you cannot be a pro-life Dem running for a major office.


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