Thursday, June 30, 2005

Keggers for Christ?

In its weekly "Sheeps and Goats" column, the San Diego Reader, an edgy Southern California lifestyles magazine, reviews houses of worship in the San Diego area. Last week The Resolved, a new church plant in Pacific Beach, was reviewed.

The review begins: . . .

"Beer is one of our core values. We enjoy it and like to drink it. Drinking is part of our culture and a great way to spend time with others," said Pastor Justin Bragg of The Resolved church. "The American church has perpetuated this separatist movement that we shouldn't mix with nonbelievers. We want to go where people are. We don't expect people to come to us. In [Pacific Beach], people are at the bars, parties, and drinking beer, so this is where we go." The Resolved church plans to have a Theology on Tap night for people to meet over a few pitchers of beer to talk about God. "We definitely hold to scripture, so we don't get drunk when we go, but we believe we need to be in the world, not of the world," said Bragg. "It's messy and I know we will make errors along the way, but our confidence is in Christ, and we rely on the Holy Spirit to guide us."

Be sure to click the link and read the entire review, and then tell me if you think that Justin Bragg and his fellow pastor Duane Smets are truly emulating Jesus by hanging out where the sinners are (Matthew 9:11-13), or are they just a couple of well-meaning but misguided guys out for a good time?

Hat tip to Lynn Vincent at World Magazine Blog.


At Thursday, June 30, 2005 9:18:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is great!

But, no, it's not the ideal scenario, of course. I see it more as a church on training wheels.

It's much harder to take a big drinker and tell him to follow you to church when he knows he also has to give up something to do so. Go ahead and let them have a few brews while they get a little exposure to the Gospel as well as other people in the church that they can commiserate with.

This can be the first step to getting sober enough to want to stick your head in the Bible instead of the bar.

So long as the preachers aren't getting ripped, I say thumbs up. If I'm not mistaking, Jesus' first miracle was a kegger.

the Heckler

At Thursday, June 30, 2005 5:11:00 PM, Blogger buffy said...

I agree. This may not be an ideal setting but going where the sinners are is a great way to start.

I attend a church that is very "come as you are", and this kegger idea goes right along side of that. Where in the Bible does it say that we all have to be suit wearing, Bible thumping, non-dancers & non-drinkers? The Lord loves us all for who we are and not who we can be. More people need to be presented with the gospel of "don't try to fix it before you come, the Lord will fix it when you get there".

More power to them!


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