Monday, June 20, 2005

The United Church of . . . ?

Next month at its General Synod meeting in Atlanta, the United Church of Christ is scheduled to vote on a resolution that would make it mandatory for its clergy to accept the divinity of Jesus Christ. It's amazing to me that any Christian denomination would find it necessary to have to put this issue up for a vote.

Mary Rettig of Agape Press reports: . . .

Liberals in the church contend the issue is too judgmental, while fundamentalists say the church needs its foundation. Pastor Albert Kovacs of the Hungarian Reformed Church in Woodbridge, New Jersey, says he doubts the measure will pass, given the liberal nature of the leadership. "So many of them probably don't believe in Jesus Christ as Lord," the pastor remarks, "and certainly [many] are looking for a new type of church modeled after their image of the Church rather than Christ's image of the Church." Kovacs says if the denomination does not accept Christ as Lord, then there is no Commander -- and no commandment to go and reach lost people. He says the UCC will become just another social agency that has good will, but no good news to share with the world.


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