Saturday, July 30, 2005

Conservative Episcopal Church Seized—Update

Here's an update from today's Bristol Press on the situation at St. John's Church in Bristol, Connecticut, that I had posted about earlier today.

The article reports: . . .

The Bristol priest whom Connecticut's Episcopal bishop suspended July 13 formally denied Bishop Andrew D. Smith's inhibition charges Friday, issuing a "good faith denial" that he has abandoned communion with the church.

The denial by the Rev. Mark Hansen of St. John's Church, a member of what has become known as the "Connecticut Six," came with no additional direct comment.

But a press release issued on Hansen's behalf said that church law provides that if the bishop is "reasonably satisfied" that a priest has issued a good-faith denial, the bishop shall withdraw his notice of inhibition "and the inhibition shall expire."

"Given the fact that the bishop has failed to provide evidence to corroborate his charges, and in light of Father Hansen's, it is hoped that Bishop Smith will immediately lift the inhibition," the press release said.


At Thursday, August 11, 2005 6:33:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

...Former Episcopalians who've quit the church over its ordination of a homosexual bishop have formed an Anglican congregation in Evansville, Indiana. The priest for the new All Saints Anglican Church says leaving the Episcopal Church will enable them to proceed with their "business of proclaiming the gospels and caring for the community." The new congregation has been received into the Anglican Diocese of Bolivia in a move that underscores growing conflicts within Anglicanism. The U.S. Episcopal Church is one of 38 regional provinces of Anglicanism, but is currently under suspension. The Anglican bishop of Bolivia also has welcomed parishes in the Atlanta area into his diocese. [AP]

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