Monday, July 11, 2005

Culture War in Europe

By Alexander Samuels

Mike Thompson's article, "Opening Shot of 'The Ultimate Culture War,'" posted last week on Human Events Online, is rather disturbing in many ways. And if you are on this blog to discuss religion or politics: This is an explosive topic. I strongly encourage you to click this link and read the entire article.

Thompson opens his article with: . . .

The fatal flaw of Britain's and Europe's establishment today is not just its shameless worship at the altar of statism; rather, it is its failure to defend the region's historic, Christian-nurtured culture (the West) against Islamic-nurtured culture (the East). By liberally and uncritically opening its borders to millions of fanatical immigrant religionists, all Europe (including the insular Brits) flirts with actual cultural suicide.

He goes on to say:
The advance of Islam into the heart of Europe (and England as well) is not because of Muslims' strategic skills or Islam's "irresistible" appeal to Westerners. Instead, it is because Christian institutions have been hollowed out--corrupted by western liberals who demand a merry passage to self-fulfillment without the need for heavy lifting, hewing not to faith and its doctrine for good, but to secularism and its blindness to evil.

As a result of watered-down tradition and values, most of Europe's churches today are as empty as the lives of their wandering and wondering "sheep." Britain's mosques, it is estimated, now host more worshipers than does the Church of England. Furthermore, is there any sight (or site) more pathetic than a former rock-solid Presbyterian church in Edinburgh now converted to a thumping techno nightclub?

After discussing the dangers of immigration in Europe, predictions of more terrorism when a country's population hits 10 percent Muslims, and the workings of "hit squads" and "sleeper cells," Thompson writes:
There is a striking difference, however, between the Islamic immigrants in America and those in Great Britain and the Continent, according to [American authority on immigration and national-security matters Robert S.] Leiken. U.S. Muslims have assimilated much better than their European counterparts (probably because 1] U.S. Muslims are not as numerous, and 2] most of them have prospered in America's traditionally dynamic and non-discriminating economy). The EU's Islamic population is more culturally alienated, socially marginalized, unemployable, and likely to rage in the forms of gang rape, anti-Jewish attacks, anti-American violence and, of course, both spontaneous and carefully orchestrated acts of terrorism in their hated new EU homeland.

Throughout the West, most conservatives in their hearts believe that there always should be "room for one more," provided that the person, regardless of color or creed, is running from horrible injustice and sincerely needs a helping hand to survive. Yet, private and public charity for a truly threatened alien in search of sanctuary must not be confused with a nation's immigration policy, especially if it perpetually opens a gate to welcome emissaries from the hottest corners of Hell.

Much of the information in this article I've heard before on the evening news. However, some of the facts Thompson presented were news to me. For instance, I did not know that Muslim worshippers in England now outnumber those attending Church of England services, although I had heard that in one survey more Brits claim to be Wiccans than Christians. If Mike Thompson's information and opinions are true, European culture and political foundations are soon to suffer change. Will population growth or violence be the deciding factor?

On the religious side: I hope that Christians in America will not lose the moral influence that Christians in Europe obviously have. We must seek to be witnesses to all our neighbors, both secular Americans and religious immigrants. We often only think of Third World countries when it comes to missions. Europe is in need, too.

I would appreciate your comments—opinions or facts—on what Mike Thompson has written in this article.


At Tuesday, July 19, 2005 1:34:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What happened to unconditional surrender?
Cal Thomas July 18, 2005

To make us feel better and allow us to "get on with our lives," we make believe the jihadists are a tiny minority and not "mainstream Islam." But what if they are mainstream - part of an elaborate conspiracy designed to dupe the West while the infiltration of Britain, America and all of Europe continues unabated?
What if the "moderates" are too intimidated to speak out for fear they will be killed? If that is the case, it is all the more reason to declare total war on the jihadists, because that is what they have declared on us.
Would it not be a clever strategy to put insurgents among us who dress and speak as Westerners, work in our schools and restaurants (as one of the bombing suspects did in London), but are secretly plotting the death of total strangers?
They know they don't have the power of a conquering army to defeat us from without, but they believe the virus they are spreading can weaken us from within until we surrender because we favor "peace" over conflict.
Wake up, America and Britain! The jihadists are after us and they will stop at nothing until we all live under the banner of Islam, either by fear or by force.
Where have you gone, Harry Truman and Winston Churchill? Our nations turn their lonely eyes to you. Boo-hoo-hoo.
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