Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Faith Night at the Ballpark reports this week on the popularity of "Faith Night" promotions at minor-league baseball games this summer. Third Coast Sports introduced the concept at games in Nashville, Tennessee, last year and is staging events in 10 other cities this year.

The article reports: . . .

With Moses, Samson and Noah bobbleheads and promotions such as New Testament giveaways, the [Nashville] Sounds drew more than 550 church groups to seven such events in 2004.

Attendance at the Sounds' Faith Nights averaged 9,800 -- more than 3,500 better than the season average, team officials said.

Each event features appearances by characters from the Christian animated series "VeggieTales," a giveaway of 2,000 Bob the Tomato "VeggieTales" baseballs, a Christian concert and testimonies given by the players.

Upcoming Faith Nights are scheduled for Hagerstown, Maryland (July 15); Jackson, Tennessee (July 15 and Aug. 19); Mobile, Alabama (July 15 and Aug. 12); Fort Worth, Texas (July 22 and Aug. 6); Tulsa, Oklahoma (Aug. 5 and Sept. 2); Columbus, Georgia (Aug. 19); Johnson City, Tennessee (Aug. 20); and Birmingham, Alabama (Sept. 3). For more details, visit Third Coast Sports' Web site.

It would be nice if our own Greensboro Grasshoppers would consider hosting a Faith Night at First Horizon Park sometime in the near future.

Hat tip to News! For Christians.


At Wednesday, July 13, 2005 11:22:00 PM, Anonymous DBrown said...

At first read this seems like good fun. Our Sunday school class usually goes to the ballpark together as a fellwoship activity at least once a season, and we like thw "family" sections where there's no smoking or beer allowed.

But on closer tought, I find myself disturbed by the commercialization of our faith-- I don't want my Word and my Jesus reduced to bobblehead dolls and door prizes.

And on even closer thought, this kind of an event seems discriminatory. I'm sure everyone is welcome, but just imagine for a moment if it were "Jew Night" at the ballpark. Or "Gay Night."

I think maybe we should look to our church for worship experiences, and be *in* the world--if not *of* it-- the rest of the time. How else are we to Witness if the entire stadium is already filled with Believers?

At Friday, July 15, 2005 1:03:00 PM, Anonymous Tim G said...

Actually the Piedmont Baptist Association is sponsoring one of these Sunday night Faith nights in Greensboro. Check out


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