Saturday, July 23, 2005


By Alexander Samuels

In the conversations that take place here at Carolina Christian Conservative, you often read the words "passion" or "passionate." Many of those individuals who express their opinions are passionate about what they believe. Their passion about particular topics actually drives them to respond because of their intense feelings concerning the issue. Passion will sometimes lead to . . . disagreement, which it often does here. Passion, however, motivates people to take a stand in defense of what they believe. Not only this, but passion motivates people to spread the news about what they believe.

How often I find myself wishing that we Christians were more passionate for Jesus. God has a plan for you, but your passion determines how far you will go. Passion is your first step toward sanctification, which is the process of becoming more like Jesus. In the Christian life, your passion will determine your potential.

Passion increases your desire to obey Christ. Christ desires your obedience. Those who obey Him will inherit a kingdom. Think of the emotion you would stir up within yourself if you knew you were inheriting an earthly kingdom. All earthly kingdoms, however, eventually begin to crumble and fall. How passionate should you be concerning the promise of a heavenly kingdom that is eternal?

Christian, if you find it difficult to stir up passion within yourself, think of the sins that once dominated every detail of your life. Think of the weight on your shoulders that has now been lifted since Christ took the burden of your sins away. Surely you know by now that Jesus abides with you and you are His precious temple.

How often do we wish to hear the call of God upon our lives only to be frustrated by the silence of heaven? But there is a call you often do not hear. It is the call of God as He prepares a task specifically for you to accomplish. It is a task too hard for human hands. Do you have the passion to hear and accomplish God's will?

Maybe you don't. The natural man or women doesn't even have the passion required to make it through this day. You don't have passion because you have not gone to the source. He is the one who Christ sent to minister to us. He is the author of passion. He is the one who gives us the power to be a witness of Jesus and with this power comes the passion to storm the gates of hell if it will glorify our God. He is the Holy Spirit.

How long has it been since you prayed to God to fill you with His Holy Spirit? How long has it been since you asked the Holy Spirit to fill you with His power and passion so that you might serve God and bring glory to Him in your life? God has called us to live passionately in our love for Him. Living passionately for Him, we will enjoy Him forever. Why not ask the Holy Spirit for this blessing right now? Ask the Holy Spirit for the passion to exalt God's name.


At Monday, July 25, 2005 1:36:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...



Not sure what else to add this- except perhaps "very powerful".

Thank you for this message today

the Heckler


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