Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Podcasting for Christ

Last weekend, Greg Laurie and Harvest Christian Fellowship held a Harvest Crusade in Southern California that, according to an article posted by ReligionJournal.com, drew 100,000 people over three nights to Angel Stadium in Anaheim. The crusade and its message of hope, however, reached well beyond the stadium walls, thanks to new technology, as the article reports: . . .

In addition to those attending the crusade in-person, more than 50,000 people watched and listened via live Internet broadcasts and, for the first time, via podcasting technology. During the weekend, more than 28,649 people from 61 countries, totaling over 3,767 hours of streaming, logged on to watch the crusade live on the Internet. "Hits" per night averaged 2 million. And during the past week, there were 22,581 requests for Harvest's podcast feeds.

The article also points out that many at the stadium as well as some listening and watching online made professions of faith over the weekend as Pastor Greg offered this live-changing message:
"God loves you more than any person has ever loved you, and His plans for you are better than anything you could imagine for yourself," said Laurie during his Sunday evening talk. "You don't have to be a good person to become a Christian, you have to be a person with a hole in your heart who is searching for something more."

Hat tip to Townhall.com.


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