Friday, August 26, 2005

Faith Walk

By Alexander Samuels

Those of us who have faith in Jesus Christ are prone to make the mistake of neglecting our daily appointments with God. We treat our relationship with Him neglectfully. We go about our daily rounds with no sense of the very real dependence we have on Him. We believe we are sufficient for all of today's tasks and those tomorrow as well. After all, we go to church on Sunday and we are . . . recharged for the days and weeks ahead.

Well, how often do your thoughts return to that Sunday recharging in the days that follow? Not very often, I dare say. Even when confronted with life's accusing doubts, we are independent creatures who really believe we are self-sufficient in most of the circumstances we encounter.

It is a great mistake for the Christian to assume that now he is a child of God and does not need his Father's daily blessings. In his book Spiritual Depression, D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones spoke of our carelessness in this way:

Without Him we are utterly hopeless. It does not matter how long you have been in the Christian life, you are dependent upon Him for every step. Without Him we can do nothing. We can only conquer our doubts by looking steadily at Him and by not looking at them. The way to answer them is to look at Him. The more you know Him and His glory the more ridiculous they will become. So keep steadily looking at Him. You cannot live on an initial faith - that is what Peter seems to have been trying to do. . . . Do not try to live on your conversion. You will be done before you know where you are. . . . [Y]ou must keep on looking to Him every day. 'We walk by faith' and you live by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. You need Him as much on your deathbed as you did on the night you were converted; you need Him all the time. . . . One of the most perfect illustrations is the way the Children of Israel had to collect the manna each day but the Sabbath. That is the Lord's method. He does not give us enough for a month. We need a fresh supply every day, so start your day with Him and keep in touch with Him. That was Peter's fatal error (Matthew 14:22-33); he looked away from Him. It is 'the fight of faith', you are walking on turbulent waves and the only way to keep walking is to keep looking at Him.

The walk of faith is a daily walk. To live the Christian life requires our focus to be upon our Savior. Our conversations with Him must be a frequent part of our day. We must keep to the path that conforms us more and more to Jesus Christ.

Alexander Samuels is a regular contributor to Carolina Christian Conservative.


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