Thursday, August 25, 2005

Olasky on Pat Robertson

In his weekly column, World Magazine Editor Marvin Olasky writes about the Pat Robertson controversy: "Folks with big megaphones need to remember what Spiderman learned: 'With great power comes great responsibility.'" Olasky goes on to point out that there is no Biblical warrant for Robertson's "fatwa."

He adds: . . .

The people most affected by [this] week's tempest, of course, are Venezuelans, one of whom wrote on WORLD's blog site of Mr. Chavez's demagoguery and election-rigging but noted that "after decades of corruption and ignoring the needs of the poor, our country may deserve a leader like Chavez. The fact is that Venezuela needs revival; corruption . . . is a way of life there. All potential leaders are corrupt, and we could end up with someone worse than Chavez. Pray for my people!" Yes, and pray also for missionaries who now face greater danger.


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