Saturday, August 27, 2005

Problems With Postmodern Parenting

My friend, fellow blogger and brother in Christ, Tim Therrien of Vermont and Vallo Fides, has an excellent two-part post on reaching out to postmodernists ("Did you feel that? Part 1" and "Did you feel that? Part 2").

I found particularly interesting his discussion in Part 2 on how postmodernist parents can paint themselves into a corner by encouraging their kids to "question authority": . . .

I recently learned of a couple (by no means unique!) who are raising their children to "question authority" and with the attitude that there are no absolutes, just gray areas. My first question was "How often do they have arguments with their kids?" My wife - the source of the story - told me that it is a constant battle! Any time the parents try to establish control or give instruction the kids shoot back with challenges to their parental authority. The natural outgrowth of this is predictable. The parents will never be able to tell the kids that something is wrong because, after all, who are they (the parents) to judge? By what right do they say what is right and what is wrong? Sadly, as I say, this is not a unique situation. There are many around our area that hold similar beliefs. Why? Because this is the outgrowth of a society that has not had the moral fortitude to challenge postmodernism.


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