Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Violent Message From Planned Parenthood—Update

Last night I posted links related to an outrageous cartoon from Planned Parenthood's San Francisco branch. The cartoon has since been removed from the organization's Web site but can still be viewed here.

According to this post from The Dawn Patrol: . . .

The star of Planned Parenthood Golden Gate's "A Superhero for Choice" cartoon, who gleefully blows up nonthreatening pro-lifers, is based on a real-life person: Dian J. Harrison, the president and CEO of that Planned Parenthood chapter.

You may already know Harrison—or, as she's known in the cartoon, "Dianysis"—from her response to Monty Patterson, whose 18-year-old daughter, Holly Patterson, died after a Planned Parenthood Golden Gate branch gave her the abortion drug RU-486. According to the Web site San Francisco Faith, "After Holly's death on September 17 [2003], Dian Harrison of Planned Parenthood Golden Gate, the affiliate that runs the Hayward clinic, issued this statement: 'We extend our deepest sympathies to the family. We wish them strength and support in this tragic time.' Yet, Monty Patterson says that Planned Parenthood hasn't offered his family any support. 'They haven't offered anything,' Patterson said. 'They don't even return my calls.'"

What you don't know about Dian Harrison is that the same year Holly Patterson died, the Planned Parenthood president reaped a windfall under circumstances that sound, at the very least, odd for the head of a nonprofit.

See Dawn's post for the details.


At Tuesday, August 16, 2005 9:30:00 AM, Blogger GrannyGrump said...

Here's an important point to raise now that the mainstream media are paying attention to the RU-486 deaths: Chanelle Bryant got her abortion drugs at Family Planning Associates Medical Group, a National Abortion Federation member facility. Chanelle's death brings to a round dozen the number of women that I know of who have died after FPA abortions.

FPA is not a fly-by-night abortion mill. It's the single largest for-profit chain of abortion facilities in the US, and they're members of what's supposed to be a self-policing organization that offers referrals to "safe" abortions at facilities that only meet the highest standards of care.

Holly Patterson got her drugs at a Planned Parenthood. Chanelle got hers at a NAF member. This is not kosher. We need to really get this information out. For more, see my blog entry here and follow the links.


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