Monday, September 12, 2005

Christian Camps Reaching Out

Jenni Parker of AgapePress is reporting today that Christian camps throughout the Southeast - and some as far away as Wisconsin and Minnesota - are making their facilities and food supplies available to Hurricane Katrina evacuees, relief workers, law enforcement personnel and utility workers.

Parker writes: . . .

Bob Kobielush, president of Christian Camp and Conference Association (CCCA), says this generous assistance is for many camps "a natural extension of their hospitality and outreach to families all year round." He points out that many facilities are "making significant financial sacrifices, canceling paying guest groups indefinitely to house and feed Katrina's victims." CCCA is connecting those member camps, conference centers and retreat centers that are opening up their properties to evacuees with member organizations in other parts of the nation that wish to contribute funds and supplies. Information about the Christian camps' relief efforts is being regularly updated on the organization's website.


At Monday, September 12, 2005 9:04:00 PM, Blogger Joe Guarino said...

A friend from church, Mark Case, had told me about this a couple of days after Katrina hit. He operates a camp in Randolph County, and had been involved in planning for this type of need (anticipating that something of the magnitude of Katrina might one day come). He spoke of needing to get on the phone with others within his region to get the ball rolling. It seemed to be a serious effort, and may generate some local/regional activity.


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