Friday, September 23, 2005

Offering Hope After Hurricanes

It's been more than three weeks since Hurricane Katrina first made landfall, and stories continue to come to light about how people are generously reaching out to help one another.

Here's a report posted by AgapePress yesterday: . . .

On the Mississippi Gulf Coast, where many residents lost homes and personal property due to a massive storm surge during Hurricane Katrina, the faith-based relief efforts are continuing to provide for thousands of devastated storm victims. One Mississippi couple say they see Christ's commands being lived out through the volunteers who are helping the hurricane survivors in their area.

Lorenzo Brown and Mona Polk live in Pascagoula, Mississippi, and decided to ride out Hurricane Katrina along with their infant son, Drew. But as the hurricane made landfall and their apartment began to flood, the couple quickly realized they had made the wrong decision. . . .

In Katrina's aftermath, Brown, Polk and their son have joined thousands of south Mississippi residents who are now receiving free meals, medical care, and supplies at First Baptist Church of Pascagoula, where volunteers with Southern Baptist Convention Disaster Relief teams are distributing aid and otherwise ministering to survivors.

Brown feels the assistance of the church volunteers has literally saved his and his family's lives. "We don't have any money, a car, we can't get around to do anything -- everything is closed," he says. The relief being distributed at the church is "a good help," he adds, "because a couple of days we went hungry. Now we've got food, and we're blessed to be living."

The people in Mississippi and Louisiana will continue to need our help for the indefinite future, and with Hurricane Rita bearing down on Texas, it is likely that the number of people needing assistance will increase and our resources will be spread even thinner. Pray that we will continue to find a way to reach out to our neighbors to the south and help them cope with these disasters.


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