Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Christian Carnival #91

Unfortunately, I missed out on last week's Christian Carnival - a clever take-off on "Gilligan's Island" by Attention Span titled "A Three Hour Tour." This week, the 91st edition is being hosted by Matt Jones at Random Acts of Verbiage. Click on . . . the link and read from "a completely random assortment" of posts from the best of the Christian blogosphere, including Alexander Samuels' "To Be Self-Controlled."


At Monday, October 17, 2005 4:48:00 PM, Anonymous TRACE said...

What the hell is going on with the “morally superior” Republican conservatives? They have been reduced to cannibalism; the rest of us can only watch, aghast at the feeding frenzy as they rush to eat their own. But whether it’s the Snake or Sissy Hawk they’re eating they’ll still be left with a nasty fiscal hangover to go along with that case of moral indigestion.

Understandably cranky over the 5 year fiscal screwing they have been taking from their “allies” in the White House and GOP congressional majority, the Miers nomination has seemed to unleash years of pent-up frustration; but this time they’re not aiming at those of us whom they view as their moral lessers, they’re aiming at each other!

Well sure, they seem to understand that Bush and his congressional buddies have increased non-defense/security discretional spending at a rate greater than Lyndon Johnson, but red staters soothe themselves with thoughts of big batches of well-protected stem cells. Sure, they rationalize, Bush and the congressional republicans have replaced the massive program of income re-distribution to those (like themselves) who actually need it with a program of massive re-distribution of wealth to those who don’t need it, but red staters soothe themselves with the knowledge that Bush and the GOP majority despise gays as much as they do. Sure, they rationalize, Bush and the GOP congressional majority want to cut health insurance for the poor and elderly (which benefits 75% of them) to lock in the capital gains tax cut (which benefits only the top 1% of wage earners), but they’ll end the massive epidemic of flag burning in the country, won’t they? Besides, God is on the side of Bush and the GOP, isn’t he? It’s a strange case of moral dwarfism that allows these nice supposedly Christian folks to mortgage their present for so-called moral reasons while passing the very real costs of Bush’s spending binge on to their children and grandchildren. Whether they’ll get their moral reward seems to be up in the air; what’s a virtual lock is that their kids and grandkids will be left holding the bag.

Well, God if is on the side of the GOP, he seems at the very least to have something of a odd sense of humor. They’re quick to note that God saw fit to punish the country for our decadence by taking out New Orleans, ground zero in the front against moral decay. They conveniently forget to note that God swung Katrina over south Alabama and Mississippi, 2 of the most conservative states in the Union. He even destroyed Trent Lott’s house, what’s up with that? If (as their religious leaders tell them) God hates the “gay lifestyle” why the hell doesn’t he take out San Francisco with a well-placed earthquake? If gay marriage is an affront to their God, why doesn’t God send a category 5 hurricane to wipe out Massachusetts? Instead he wiped out one of the most solidly Christian sections of the country! Jesus loves you, this I know; but he has a curious way of showing you so.

And why doesn’t God smite those who are after that pious money-launderer Tom DeLay? And those who are after Karl Rove, who as they well know sitteth at the right hand of their political God GW Bush? And what of those who are after Scooter Libby, who sitteth at the right hand of Bush’s Dick?

The political right is nothing if not compliant. They have dutifully sat on their hands, compliantly absorbing an unprecedented fiscal screwing by their so-called conservative political leaders. “Take your screwing like a man,” they’ve been told by the GOP; “we’ll make it up to you when we have an opportunity to do so on “moral issues.”

But the Miers nomination seems to have triggered a firestorm. Is it because they have been betrayed by their moral leaders over the failure to deliver the moral goods? Or is it that perhaps they have come to realize that the leadership in the White House and GOP Congressional majority is not so moral after all? After all, what sort of curious morality allows Bush and his conservative cabal to offer their supporters limp-wristed reassurance of doing their moral heavy lifting while at the same time lifting their wallets? And weren’t red staters given to believe that, since they elected them on moral issues, that the GOP leadership wouldn’t just be another pack of corrupt liars and scumbags?

So alas, the SS Bushtanic lists alarmingly to starboard, piloted by a leader who increasingly seems to have lost his way. The jackbooted neo-fascists who form the core of the party rush to scuttle the foul craft while conservative moderates impotently wring their hands trying to decide whether to do as they are told and rearrange the deck chairs or whether to rush for the lifeboats while there’s still time. Christ would suggest that women and children be the first to flee, but even he has never had to face a pack of self-righteous self-deceivers who seem to have come all at once to the realization that they have been fiscally screwed by their so-called leaders, and in Christ’s name to boot!

And so the band played on, but despite Bush’s suggestion to play “Happy Days are here Again” the song sounds more like a dirge. Even for those like myself who are grateful that Bush and his intellectually lazy self-deceiving pseudo-moralist supporters are finally getting their well-deserved comeuppance it’s hard to be too happy. After all, it’s my country, my constitution, they’ve been seeking to undermine…and they’re still at it!

At Monday, October 17, 2005 7:57:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Fortunately for you, freedom of speech applies to us all. You have succeeded in touching on every liberal talking point there is but have failed in your accuracy on each account.

There is more to this life than seeking more and more reasons to hate your fellow man. It is obviously an all-consuming activity in your life. Seek the good. It is out there. Irrational bitterness will eat you alive from within.

the Heckler


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