Saturday, October 29, 2005

Finding Middle Ground at Halloween

The celebration of Halloween can put many Christians in an awkward position. Do we embrace the holiday, unsettling aspects and all, or do we totally ignore it, pulling ourselves out of the world for one day a year? Or is there an appropriate middle ground a Christian can comfortably ascribe to?

In today's Greensboro News & Record, the Rev. Stephen Crotts, who is the teaching pastor at Adams Farm Community Church in Jamestown, North Carolina, shares his personal study of the origins of the holiday and how he believes today's Christians can . . . approach Halloween. (The version found in today's print edition of the N&R is just a mere excerpt of Crotts' complete essay, which can be found in its entirety online here.)

Here's a sampling from Crotts' essay:

[A] way to celebrate is to remember that Christ is real and He is far more powerful than Satan and death put together! In John 14, Jesus said, "I'm going to die, I will conquer death, build Heaven with space for you, and then I'm going to come and get you!" So death, evil, and sorrow - they are very real. But not to fear! Christ is also real. And He can fix it all if you work with Him. When I come to October 31, I need to celebrate! The heat of summer is passed, the harvest is in, and the trees are in their autumn glory. I want to shout!

And when I think of evil, death, and darkness I flee to Jesus and find light, life, love and goodness! Christ has conquered Satan, risen victorious over death! And I shout Hallelujah!


At Thursday, December 29, 2005 2:55:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is not one good thing to say about the "holiday" Holloween. There is nothing good about Holloween. To say you are celebrating Holloween by saying Christ has defeated Satan and death, which we should be thinking every day, has nothing to do with Holloween. To say this we're trying to fit a round peg in a square whole. We as Christians are the different, separate from the world, round pegs and Holloween is the square whole. Neither will fit. When we try, we are trying to fit into the world like we might do with anything else such as dress, music and entertainment to name a few of our pitfalls. I don't believe Christians should celebrate it, but we can use it as an opportunity for the glory of God and pass out tracks to those who might come to the door or pass them out wherever we go. Here's the time to share with others the contrast of Christ overcoming death and having life more abundantly through him. There are many solid tracks out there that do a little play on words of things people might say around Holloween. The first track I had ever recieved was given in my Holloween bag.


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