Thursday, October 27, 2005

Grappling for God

Christian Wrestling Entertainment made its debut two weeks ago with an event in Tulsa, Oklahoma. CWE's Web site states, "Our events feature absolutely no profanity, over the top violence, scantly clad women or alcohol. . . . CWE believes in lifting up the name of Jesus in a positive environment without compromising the quality of our wrestling events." But is there a . . . demand for Christian-oriented sporting events? According to one report, CWE's Uniting Champions event in Tulsa drew only 400 people to a 6,000-seat venue.


At Saturday, November 12, 2005 2:19:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, I believe there is. I was there and it was a great event. I am not sure how many people were there but I do know that they were up against a lot of competition, namely the OU game. I think for a first event they did a great job and I bet you there will be more people next time. Rome wasn't built in a day and like anything it will be a building process. I will be at the next show.


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