Thursday, September 07, 2006

For a Lark

For those of you who have not stumbled upon it yet, there's a great satirical Christian news site called It's so good that some readers actually believe the stories are true (including some friends of mine who will remain nameless on this blog).

Check out this week's feature on the "downsizing" of a mega-church in Winston-Salem: ...

In a trend that may signal rough times for wallflower Christians, bellwether mega-church Faith Community of Winston-Salem has asked "non-participating members" to stop attending.

"No more Mr. Nice Church," says the executive pastor, newly hired from Cingular Wireless. "Bigger is not always better. Providing free services indefinitely to complacent Christians is not our mission."

Lark News is the creation of freelance journalist and author Joel Kilpatrick.


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